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Get peace of mind with a car history check you can trust

What is an HPI Check?®

  • An HPI Check is a vehicle check provided by HPI Ltd that scrutinises the history of any motorised vehicle registered in the UK including cars, vans and motorbikes.
  • The HPI Check Report will alert you to any worrying information held against the vehicle by finance and insurance companies, the DVLA, the Police and other industry bodies.
  • The HPI Check is probably the most important check you will do before buying a used car and should be your first line of defence against vehicle fraud.

How it works

Enter the reg number so we can identify the car

Get your instant HPI Check report and reveal the car’s true history

Guard against clones by entering the chassis number (VIN) and logbook (V5C) details

Why you need a Car History Check

A hidden past?

1 in 3 cars we check has something to hide. From an insurance write-off to a mileage discrepancy.

Rightful owner?

1 in 4 cars we check has an active finance agreement or loan against it and more than 41 per day are identified as stolen.

False identity?

1 in 5 cars has had its number plate changed. There are also 200,000 stolen log books in circulation.


1 in 20 cars we check has a discrepancy with its mileage meaning it may have been clocked.

Damaged goods?

Over 760 cars we check are uncovered as an insurance write-off on a daily basis.

What is included in an HPI Check®

  • Recorded as Stolen
  • Insurance Write-Off
  • Outstanding Finance
  • Number of Previous Owners
  • Recorded as Scrapped
  • Logbook Check
  • Mileage Discrepancies *
  • Number Plate Changes
  • Imported/Exported
  • Valuation
  • Estimated Fuel Cost
  • VIN/Chassis check