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Welcome to the Chelmsford Prestige car valuation service. It's a simple 3-step process that will allow us to value your car. Please type the vehicle’s registration number into the box below and then click continue.

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Selling your car

We at Chelmsford Prestige are always looking for good quality stock for our site. With such a high rotation of stock, it’s always a struggle to find cars. Are you trying to sell your car privately? Are you fed up of tyre kickers? Why not sell it to us? We collect data from hundreds of cars sold recently to ensure we offer you a fair price. If you are you buying a new car, not happy with part ex price or even moving abroad we will always be interested.

When selling your car, you have a few options which are listed below.


The most convenient way of buying a new car is undoubtedly by offering your current car in part-exchange and very often is the best way to strike a good deal.

Though we always prefer to part-exchange a car we can sell on ourselves we can part-exchange any car and due to our fantastic relationships with a network of dealerships we will ensure we get the very best price for your car.

Outright Purchase

Not happy with your part-exchange price from another dealer? Just need to sell your car to free up some funds?

Chelmsford Prestige always have the facility to be able to buy cars outright whatever the value of the car and this is our preferred method of buying. It's simple, hassle-free and can be arranged within 24 hours if needs be with immediate payment and nationwide collection.